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‚…one of the most masterfully produced albums from Germany. Wonderfully sung and played… an early Singer-Songwriter jewel of this year.Focus Online / dpa
‚The Swan‘ is wonderful grown-up pop, without the calculation but a whole lot of soul.‘Susanne Hasenjäger, NDR
Played with absolute precision; at times opulent, at other times sparing and almost minimalist. Big cinema for the ears.Matthias Schlott, SWR
A milestone in her career.Sebastian Bargon, SWR
Chamber music meets grand cinemaHarry Schmidt, Jazzthetik 03/2018
An enchanting album, goosebumps guaranteedOlaf Maikopf, Schädelspalter
A world-class album!Jon Flemming Olsen, 'Ditsche'
The Swan‘ is an ode to listening; to the hearing senses, and listening for its own sake.Alexander Ochs, BZ 2/2018
More intriguing than ever. The well-chosen instrumentation combined with warm, clever arrangement skills ensnares the most powerful, melodious, seductive repertoire that this fine voice has ever sung.Saarbrücker Zeitung, 3/2018
The Swan‘ convinces, with great compositions and developed Songs alternating between chamber music and cinematic elements. Audiophile CD of the month.Audio 2/2018
With this even more entrancing second work, the German-Nigerian singer delights us again with her lyrical, atmospherically dense personal style which lies somewhere between acoustic soul and folk noir.Stereo 2/2018
Her velvety-tender vocals, somewhere between Rickie Lee Jones, Edie Brickell and Sade, bring us melancholic snapshots (‚Cast Away‘), and the catchy ‘Headlights’ is a little pop-jewel.GoodTimes Magazin 3/2018
A beautiful album, although the analogue vinyl is somehow the best format. It has that clear sound that that makes the vocals transparent.Hörerlebnis 3/2018
With her new album‘ The Swan‘ TOKUNBO takes all her listeners on a wonderful journey through emotional worlds.Magascene Hannover, 3/2018
With eleven multi-faceted, complex music pieces, accomplished in particular through a rich varied soul voice, the artist is demonstrating the full range of her skill.Der Kultur Blog 2/2018
The Swan‘ is calm, deliberately measured. It is an anchor thrown in an increasingly faster world.Avalost Times 2/2018
TOKUNBO’s second solo album „The Swan“ is a sincere, emotional and mindful piece of acoustic pop, given legitimacy by half a dozen music universes with lungs, hand and heart.Soultrain Online 3/2018
‚Of course the ‚The Swan‘ takes off from the CD as well, but the LP best transports the air-light production, subtly mixed by Marc Ebermann.‘Mint 4/2018
TOKUNBO is now back with ‚The Swan‘, a wonderful collection of 11 songs and stories, wrapped up in silky soul and satin, sometimes going the folk route, sometimes jazz and pop, always staying true to herself.Ginalovesjazz 2/2018
And is there any reminder here of the fantastic Tok Tok Tok? But yes, the acoustic clothing.Schall 1/2018

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18 Oct 2019 Amrum, GER Gemeindehaus Gemeindehaus Buy ticket
24 Oct 2019 Hannover, GER Salonfestival Salonfestival Buy ticket
31 Oct 2019 Pforzheim, GER Kulturhaus Osterfeld Kulturhaus Osterfeld Buy ticket
07 Nov 2019 Ingolstadt, GER Jazztage Jazztage Buy ticket
20 Dec 2019 Hannover, GER Kuppelsaal | mit NDR Radio Philharmonie Kuppelsaal | mit NDR Radio Philharmonie Buy ticket
20 Mar 2020 Karlsruhe, GER Salonfestival Salonfestival
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We were accompanied by live photographer Nuno Conceiçao on tour in Portugal.
Ulrich Rode – guit | Christian Flohr – bass | Anne de Wolff  – violin | Matthias ‚Maze‘ Meusel – drums

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