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TOKUNBO was the Voice of TokTokTok, the highly acclaimed darling of the German jazz scene, with 13 albums, five German Jazz Awards and a Grand Prix SACEM to its name. With global tours and high-profile concerts with the NDR Pops Orchestra and the Babelsberg Filmorchestra – as well as tv guest appearances, amoungst them the prestigious talkshow ‚WDR Zimmer Frei‘ and ‚ARTE One Shot Not‘ – Tok Tok Tok shot from newcomer to household name in record time.

In 2014, TOKUNBO released her much-acclaimed, solo-debut album ‚Queendom Come‘, together with a pan-European tour. Her new album ‚The SWAN‘ which gained a grant from German government’s ‘Initiative Musik’ foundation, is now set for release.

New Album out now!

‚The Swan‘ ist wunderschöne erwachsene Popmusik ohne Kalkül, dafür mit ganz viel Seele.Susanne Hasenjäger, NDR
Ganz auf den Punkt gespielt, mal opulent, mal sparsam und teils fast minimalistisch. Großes Kino für die Ohren.Matthias Schlott, SWR
Ein Meilenstein ihrer KarriereSebastian Bargon, SWR
‚The Swan‘ überzegt mit toll komponierten und ebenso eingespielten Songs, in denen sich kammermusikalische Teile mit Breitwandparts abwechseln. Audiophile CD des Monats.Audio 2/2018
Auf dem noch besseren hinreißenden Zweitwerk begeistert die deutsch-nigerianische Sängerin mit einem lyrischen, atmosphärisch dichten Personalstil zwischen Acoustic Soul und Folk Noir.Stereo 2/2018
‚The Swan‘ ist geprägt von Anmut und Liebe, erfrischend unkonventionell und von zeitloser Schönheit.Plattenladentipps



Where my cares are feathers in the wind and in the stillness of time. Behind the dunes a promise lives its life. Who would have known? Since this was just meant to be a stepping stone within the road.New June
In the aftermath as the silence fell. To the taste of dust when the wind stood still. And the two of us in the shards of glass. Our old dream gone.Headlights
But I could tell this time around was different when we sat hip to hip. I saw that something in his eyes was glistening and then I tasted his lips. Somersaults on tightropes without a safety net. Tender love in blue jeans and no heart ache yet.Somersault
I lost the lifeboats when you beckoned me. Is it true what they say? Yes, it’s true what they say about you. Kiss me one more time, kiss me once more then drop me a line. When you’re gone.Cast Away
Welcome back Devil’s advocate I’ve missed your company. Though you wrote me off in quiet haste the beast in me is keen. Feels like I’m in outer space. Feels like I’m gone.Outer Space
Half of what I know I owe to you. And half of what I see wouldn’t be without you. And though I never felt young in my life. Now I’m getting closer to what feels like. Innocence.Innocence
Counting the hours till nightfall. Spending your days in a haze. When did your life turn stale? Traveling the one-way trail.Rebecca
Through the white noise in a low whisper. Courage will be singing her song. So never forget the silver lining in the distance will keep us going strong.White Noise
Blow a kiss to the girl I used to be. She smiles and waves at me. A hundred miles and the the weight of light years lie between her and me. The map of lines around her eyes · Speak of dreams and tears uncriedThe Swan
Tired of being up in arms, pretending we don’t feel the harm. Pleading to let down my guard, all doubts aside. Coast to coast this ship must roam trying to steer back home. Caught within the undertow, how did we lose what we were?Words
Play me a song, hold me close. I won’t let you go until dawn finds you in my arms fast asleep finally. It’s our song that carries you far away.Play Me A Song
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We were accompanied by live photographer Nuno Conceiçao on tour in Portugal. Have a look.

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